On Track!

After a few false starts, back into the saddle again.

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It all began…

… just about two years ago, after trying many popular diets and fitness regimes …. and you guessed it. thirty pounds down and the brick wall and winter and thanksgiving and holidays and new years and, and, and.¬†Gave back ten pounds and definitely going the wrong way.

Diets don’t ever seem to workout in the long run. Atkins was great but the cholesterol wasn’t. Calorie counting, low carb, whatever was initially successful but then ….

August 20, 2012: Day 1. First six weeks went well enough but plateaued quickly.

October 2012: Browsing Youtube came across Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast, and Live Longer’ initially shown May 28, 2013 in the UK. Various fasts were attempted with varying degrees of success until 5:2 was eventually identified. Eat regularly for 5 days and fast for two days (600 calories for guys or 500 for gals). Seemed to make sense so….

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